about AtukoSvet

Why we are here.......




I am here to let all people know "You can do what you truly want to do in your life". It is why I establish this fashion-brand.

I am cosplayer since 2001, it is truly long for me, and then in Japan, cosplay is the kind of hobby which must feel shame in society. Means, Cosplay which related to big Otaku world is a kind of "not good" hobby then in Japan. So it is pity though I truly love cosplay, but I have to feel shame to keep on doing that.

And now, the world has been changed and cosplay get more popular and a kind of cool hobby much more than before. And that is why I establish this fashion-brand.

Crossdresser, especially make to female crossdresser, is still not popular in Japan, but it is already great hobby and worth to doing that. I have many friends who love crossdress also in Cosplay.  And also I was in Investment banking for 10 years, but even in that society, there are not few people who secretly love crossdress male to female.

So for that, I truly hope to all people to enjoy their life with the mind like

"Not to be afraid of what others feel to what you behave/wear, do not give too much attention on what you wear as your age/gender, just hope you all to enjoy your life as you are!"

I want you all to enjoy your life as you are, free from much obsession.