Thank you so much in Czech and Slovakia as Cosplay Guest!!

Thank you so much for the days in Y-Con in Slovakia and Animefest.CZ in Czech!!!
I enjoyed a lot both and I was sooo happy to see amazing people on both conventions. And I was amazed to see lots of amazing cosplayers.
You know I am a bit shy and then I got a cold for a while, so it was so pity that I cannot talk to so many people though I came from all way from Japan…..!
But I was still happy to talk with the people there and I was so amazed and happy that some dear friends are recognizing me since 10 years ago of my Hetalia era!
And I truly appreciate to the amazing organizers on both conventions who was taking care of us lots, and also amazing other guests who was talking with me and spent an amazing time togather.

Btw I will be in Europe and Slovakia again in this September, so then I will be much less shy and wanna talk with more people!!