English Self Introduction


日本語の詳しい自己紹介は >>こちら<< です、メディア掲載履歴等は >>こちら<< となります。

Hikari Green is a Japanese Cosplayer with 17 years cosplaying career living in Tokyo, I was born in Fukui prefecture (next to Isihawa pref.).
My costumes are mostly handmade. I have made over 200 costumes so far. Mainly cosplays male character with over hundreds of character’s cosplaying history.
On the other hand, I have worked as the professional economist/institutional investor in Japanese biggest bank for 10 years, but last year she retired and build her own fashion brand and fujoshi/cosplay/otaku-related business for foreign fujoshi/cosplay/otaku people.
Once I was on Japanese famous newswire Nikkei and Forbes when I got independent and was on Japanese TV which is collaborating Crunchyroll. You can see all of my Media coverage history mainly in Japan from below links;
>>All of my Media Coverage
And now I am writing article on Forbes Japan as official columnist, you can see part of them in English from below links;
>>Forbes feat. articles by me (Eng.)
I experienced the organizer of Japanese Comic Market and also now working partly in WCS.
I have been to over 10 countries’ conventions sometimes for Cosplay Guest and Cosplay Judge so far, and also I have been to over 50 countries by backpacker such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukrine, Israel, Lebanon……
I have worked/studied in US/England. When I was in England, I was studying in Cambridge University (Downing College) as a exchange student from Keio University (Economics) and also when I was working in US, I was in wall street, working in one of the biggest financial institution as professional institutional investor to invest in Hedge Fund/Private Equity Fund, so I can say that I am few veteran Japanese cosplayer who can speak English.
I am also 20+years fujoshi and knows lots about Japanese Otaku/Cosplay history, so welcome to be asked anything about deep Otaku/Cosplay/Fujoshi of Japan!
You can see more updates both from My English OtakuWeb or Japanese Weblog.

And anytime welcome to have concact me for Business or any inquiry >>Contact Form<<, or directly send me mailto: contact@hikarigreen.com

For my Otaku Days

I have Cosplayed for over 17+ years.
Almost all costume is by my Handmade, over 200 Costumes were made so far.
Also, I have sold my original handmade accesories, I have sold over 1,000 accesories in the world and also Japan (including Japanese Comic Market).
And also I am deep fujoshi with 20+years experience, so you can ask me anything about Japanese Otaku/Fujoshi community, I know almost all history and also how the community works so far with detail.
For my Cosplay works and Portrait works, please see my Cosplay Instagram or Facebook Page.

For My Traveling Days

I truly Love Travel, so I have visited over 40 countries so far by myself by backpack.
So for my traveling days, please see my World Traveling Archives.
I have visited Russia, Ukrine, Bosnia, Macedonia, Uzbekistan, Alaska, Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia…..too many!
I love to visit developing countries.
Especially I have stayed on Indonesia and Russia(also pre-Soviet countries) over 1 month, so that is why, I can speak Indonesian and Russian only a little.
I have perfect pitch, that truly helps me to learn lanuguages such faster.
And I have visited Otaku Convention outside Japan.
Thai Convention, Germany Convention (Connichi, LBM), Spanish Convention (Salon de Manga), US Convention (Otakon and Convention in Orland), Japan Expo in France, Fancy Frontier and Hetalia Only Event in Taiwan, Hongkong Convention, and also Chinese Hetalia Only Convention held in GuanZhou.

For My Composing Music Days

I wanna say I have started to compose some musics I was 16 years old.
My 1st memorable composing music is “Butter-Fly” in Digimon Adventure.
I have perfect pitch and I can copy almost all of musics and sounds in the world.
So I have composed over 100 musics so far, and started to compose even original musics.
Especiall I love classical music, so my favorite game musics are more like Finaly Fantasy on Square Enix!
My past composing musics are in My Composing Music Website.

For My Economist/Institutional Investor Days

I have worked in Financial Industry for almost 10 years. And I was active as Fund Manager in Buy-side.
I have experienced Economist for 3 years and also working as Equities Analyst.
Was in charge of mainly Medical, Financial company, Retail and Services but I can say I did more than that, broader sectors.
I prepared over 400 financial credit analyst reports so far.
And after that, I experienced investing in Hegde Funds and Private Equities.
I was working in Japan, but once experienced working in US headquarer investment team for a while to find much better investment opportunities in US equity market.
So I can say, I am purely person in Financial/Investment areas!
It is in Japanese though, but you can see my column contributing to Forbes Japan as below.
>>Hikari Green’s Forbes seriarization<<

Thank you for Reading! -Hikari Green-